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Making online communities a pleasure to manage

At Grid Labs, we build for the world of today

Living online

At Grid Labs, we design for people. We’re building the platform that supports communities so they can spend less time organising and more time with things that actually matter – their community members.

People matter. Software should reflect that. If all going digital does is leave you with lost documents, weighty management overheads, and to-do lists then that’s moving your problems from offline to online. We want to get rid of the problem entirely.

Different levels of community

There are both global and local levels of communities. We don’t have to join or interact with them exclusively. Connecting global is incredibly important, and so is cultivating the community right in front of you. We want to encourage people to support each other through online activity both online and offline. Join us and focus on what really matters.

Grid Labs HQ

An office? Ha! We currently work remotely. Want to join us? Drop a line anytime. We’re always on the lookout for new talent and people passionate about making the world better through software – helping people be better people.